Which DAC is better ?

Hello everyone. My system will be installed (finally) tomorrow. My question is which DAC should I tell them I want to go through? The one in the Marantz 8805 or the bluesound node 2i? Thanks!
This you need to hear for yourself. All it would take is switching inputs on 8805 once Bluesound is connected via digital coax and RCA IC’s.

My advise would be to seek a better outboard DAC, if you want to hear true potential of Node 2i and high resolution streaming from Tidal or Qobuz. If you are streaming from Spotify, don’t bother with external DAC as either of the internal DAC’s in Node and Marantz would do just fine.

If you’re interested in external DAC, read up on so many threads here discussing the recommendation on outboard DAC for Node 2i.
My guess would be the Node 2i is going to sound better, but you should listen and decide for yourself.  If it matters (it doesn't to me), I don't think the DAC in the 8805 will do the full MQA unfold like the Node 2i.
Don't be surprised if the dac in the 8805 sounds better, it would be my choice, just use Heos for your streaming and it may just be all you need. Connect both as it will be the only way to know in your setup.
As you have a new system, use both DACs you have, identify what seems best to you. Get to know your system prior to the purchase of a external (3rd) DAC. Best to know what you are looking to gain with additional purchase.