Which DAC for Naim rig, Chord, Meitner or Esoteric

Just after some advice from the Audiogon gurus. My set up is all Naim 252 pre. 300 power S400 speakers HDX HDD source & Naim rack & cables.
I have a Naim n-DAC / 555PS that I want to move on as I am quite sure this is what is holding back my system, but I want similar Naim traits of boogie factor , prat and involvement music taste from rock, hard rock, acoustic, vocal & blues but no classical or jazz.

I have short listed these two DAC's by price and availability in my part of the world and are:
1. Chord QBD76 HDSD DAC.
2. Meitner MA-1 DAC.

3. A long shot is the Esoteric D-05 DAC, perhaps a mismatch with Naim, not sure.

Thoughts ?
I use to own the Meitner MA1 Dac have since move over to analog only. You will not be disappointed with the Meitner.It is outstanding, the best DAC or CD player by far, that I have had in my system. Good Luck.
Great , thank you. It is so hard where I am to get a demo. of any hi fi at this level, so I have to get advice from where I can and I appreciate it.

I have looked a bit more into referance quality DAC's & Esoteric is off my list for my system & taste in music. I am going to demo. the Chord and the same place has PS Audio, I'll try that one as well.
Having had an EMM DAC2x - Empirical overdrive SE (see the other thread on this forum, Redbook shoot out) best it. Red-book files are better than DSD playback in EMM. Another consideration is the Allnic D5000 DHT dac but is more expensive.
Great, I'll have a look at that one too.