Which DAC Do You Prefer The Oppo UDP-205 or Chord Hugo TT2?

Contemplating a purchase and I wanted to get your thoughts on the two DACS
Are you meaning Oppo Sonica DAC? The 205 is a universal player with DAC input. Can’t speak for the Hugo but I own a 205, but my guess is the Chord is much better. Both my Cambridge 851C and RME DAC are better to my ears over my Oppo, and the RME much better. The Oppo is still a nice player just for the money there is better if you’re only using as a DAC.
I have both 205 and the Sonica. They have both been modified with tube output stages from Modwright. Both 205 and Sonica sound similar. They are both incredible DAC’s. The sound is spectacular.