Which DAC: Benchmark, Mytek, Audio Mirror, Holo Audio, Mojo Audio?

Looking to upgrade my current Rega DAC-R and have been doing some internet searching and these DACs look interesting and fit within my price range:
BENCHMARK - DAC3 B - $1700
MYTEK DIGITAL Mytek - Liberty DAC - $1000

Audio Mirror - TUBADOUR III DAC - $1200
Holo Audio – Spring DAC 2/3 - $1900-2700
Mojo Audio - Mystique v2 SE DAC - $2500
The other option is to just stick with the Rega DAC-R
I play CDs only and would like to maximize that format. Anyone have experience with these DACs? I have no opportunity to audition them where I live.

Which DAC would provide the most significant upgrade from the Rega? The Rega frames the music well and sounds good with almost every disc I throw at it. I’m not shooting for different and I don’t want something that will limit what's  enjoyable (CDs or types of music).
what exactly is your budget?  It would help to define that before any specific recommendations.
  Also I have never heard your Rega DAC, but I did used to own the Rega Apollo CD player.  Can you tell me if the sound of the DAC-R is similar to the Apollo?  The Apollo was a reasonably detailed but rather laid back type of presentation.  The Mytek and Benchmarks mentioned here will sound very different, much more analytical.  Is that what you are missing with the Rega?
I have to agree with theo. The Chord Qutest is an amazing sounding DAC. If you can get past the strange form factor, it will surprise you.  It does not do MQA which is not a big deal for my application. I use mine mostly with CD rips (FLAC files) on my computer.  I tried a Schiit multibit and was thoroughly unimpressed.
I am willing to pay up to $2,500 but question whether that amount really is required. Nothing wrong with the Rega DAC, if I had the $ I would just buy the Rega Isis CDP. To put it into perspective my TT setup is a TW Acoustic TT / DV Xv1s / Tron 7 phono. My TT setup is better of course but musically the Rega DAC frames the music the same but lacks slightly in every parameter: dynamics, transparency, etc. How the Rega excells is it makes almost every CD enjoyable.

Had an Apollo R in my system for a while, tried it as a transport and compared them. The Rega DAC R is much better, the Apollo was good but the DAC is much better. With the Apollo about 10% of my CDs went from enjoyable to not engaging. The true test for me is whether it can draw me into the music when I'm not actively listening or does it just become a wall of sound.
@musichead - Apparently, lots of people "buying by the brand" these days. I tried selling my Rega DAC here recently for $500 and didn't get a single offer (I have perfect feedback). There were others selling for even less. Glad you like yours and good luck finding something better for the money.
I lived with both the Mytek Brooklyn and Benchmark DAC3 in my system for over 6 months, using the USB input on both, and both using their variable analog outputs to drive my JOB 225 amp directly.The Mytek needed a good external power supply to sound its best, and I found it also benefitted quite a bit by using a USB Regen and upgraded (expensive) USB cables. With those add-ons for the Brooklyn, redbook files sounded quite good, and DSD files were even better. That said, the Benchmark DAC 3 with no add-ons sounded quite a bit better on redbook files, but a bit boring on DSD. The DAC 3 did not sound any better using the USB Regen, and upgraded USB cables did not improve the sound much like they did with the Brooklyn. I had some reliability issues with the first Brooklyn I bought, and they quickly exchanged it for another one for me. A friend of mine also had issues with his Brooklyn, which they exchanged for him as well. The DAC 3 has been flawless, and redbook files on it sound like high-res DSD files did on the Brooklyn, but with more dynamic energy and drive....I kept it and sold the Mytek. I was using a Sonore Microrendu and NAS drive as a source for both.