Which DAC: Benchmark, Mytek, Audio Mirror, Holo Audio, Mojo Audio?

Looking to upgrade my current Rega DAC-R and have been doing some internet searching and these DACs look interesting and fit within my price range:
BENCHMARK - DAC3 B - $1700
MYTEK DIGITAL Mytek - Liberty DAC - $1000

Audio Mirror - TUBADOUR III DAC - $1200
Holo Audio – Spring DAC 2/3 - $1900-2700
Mojo Audio - Mystique v2 SE DAC - $2500
The other option is to just stick with the Rega DAC-R
I play CDs only and would like to maximize that format. Anyone have experience with these DACs? I have no opportunity to audition them where I live.

Which DAC would provide the most significant upgrade from the Rega? The Rega frames the music well and sounds good with almost every disc I throw at it. I’m not shooting for different and I don’t want something that will limit what's  enjoyable (CDs or types of music).
I can't compare to your current DAC or any that you listed, but I do have a Mytek Liberty and am quite happy with it.  It's in my 2nd system feeding a Heed Elixir integrated amp.  The source is my PC via USB (it's an old Dell XPS system, no special sound card or anything else in the chain).  It's very neutral and detailed. 

I tried it in my main system in place of my Auralic Vega and quickly switched back to the Vega which has a more refined and "analog" sound that is easier to listen to. 

I like that the Liberty does MQA and can't really find any fault with it, other than that it might be a little "clinical" but it's not in the same league as the Vega.

The Liberty bests my Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2.  The DAC in my Sony TA-ZH1ES headphone amplifier is a little more refined than the Liberty. 
I am not as versed in the digital side of this hobby but have an NAD M51 DAC that I have been wondering if I can do better.  So I suppose I am back in the hunt for a do it all DAC that can make a CLEAR difference in the sound coming from multiple sources. (streamer, transport, server, etc...)  
How would the DAC's mentioned stack up with the M51 and how would a reclocker make a difference in the lineup as well? 
I recently upgraded my Rega DAC(pre DAC-R) to the Chord Cutest and am very pleased. I did try the Liberty and Benchmark before I landed on the Chord. You want to try it as well.
Musichead, there is no "better" in my opinion, since it is very subjective.  I had Benchmark DAC1 before and it was extremely clean, but a still little "lean" sounding (in spite of my opamp modification).  My new Benchmark DAC3 HGC, in comparison, is still very clean (and fast), but also full sounding, including lower midrange.  Benchmark DAC3, according to reviews, was about the same sound quality as Auralic Vega for much less.  I chose HGC version, since remote control was included in price ($100 extra otherwise).  I don't use analog inputs now, but who knows what will happen in the future - DAC3 is to stay with me for a very long time (if not forever). 
what exactly is your budget?  It would help to define that before any specific recommendations.
  Also I have never heard your Rega DAC, but I did used to own the Rega Apollo CD player.  Can you tell me if the sound of the DAC-R is similar to the Apollo?  The Apollo was a reasonably detailed but rather laid back type of presentation.  The Mytek and Benchmarks mentioned here will sound very different, much more analytical.  Is that what you are missing with the Rega?