Which CUSTOM speaker builders use Aurum Cantus Rib

I was wondering if you could direct me to which custom speaker builders utalize the Aurum Cantus G series ribbons in their designs, especially the G1 ribbon?

I know that North Creek Audio has a MANIFEST speaker model which uses a couple of G series tweeters, but would be interested to hear of others.


Check out www.salksound.com.
Jim Salk uses the AC tweeter in some of his speakers.
Hope this helps.
Wow, came across these, they look amazing

Veracity HT3

thanks for sharing this.
Just happened upon this thread doing a search....I found Salk through searching for custom makers using the AC ribbons...

The Salk speakers are incredible - I have HT1s and spent 3-4 weeks comparing the HT1s to the Aurum Cantus 3SEs (as well as the Red Rose Rosebuds) - without considering the price difference my choice was clear and it was the Salks - if I were more price sensitive the ACs were incredible and the best speakers bar none I auditioned in their price category (probably listened to 15 or so different pairs).

Sthomas, - not sure if you ever got a chance to hear the HT3s but they are also fantastic and probably the best speakers I've ever heard (well perhaps short of $20,000+ pairs).
I havent heard them, but after owning so many speakers, I can pretty much tell what I like by looking at them and also reading up on the speakers specifications. The Ht3 impressed me in many ways, Ill have to have a listen and see if they produce what I think they will.