Which cost more: your system or your car?

Just curious.


BTW - I'm pretty sure that my system slots between my CTS and my wife's Cayenne.
retail to retail, my car.
My system is worth more than the family car. If we add in media, and allow for the huge real estate correction in my neck of the woods, it's approaching the value of the house.
MY SYSTEM. car 2008 honda accord V6
I just retubed my amp. That cost more than my car is worth. I really don't care about cars anymore. Living in L.A. your car gets stolen, vandalized or some Idiot without insurance plows into you. (Just happened to my wife last month)
My system cost about the same as both of our cars - Mine Jaguar XJR - Hers Lexus RX 330.
I bought both cars used/pre/owned (2004 models) about 4 years ago with DVD & navigation for about $70K.
I bought almost all of my system here on the gon, also pre-owned for close to the same price as both cars.
My wife loves her car & I rally love mine as well, but my system is something much more special than any car as it took much more planning & thought to put together than buying any car.
I doubt that my wife really knows what I have invested in my 2 channel system & that works for me.
She has all she needs upstairs in the home theatre & in the garage & that's what really matters most.
Remember to keep the better half happy & you'll be very happy as well.