Which cost more: your system or your car?

Just curious.


BTW - I'm pretty sure that my system slots between my CTS and my wife's Cayenne.
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I get my cars el-cheapo since I do all repairs, so the rig far outweighs em.
My system... at least I don't have to pay road tax on it but eventually I guess the car would guzzle more on petrol than the hifi uses electricity.
About even if you don't factor inflation onto the prices I paid for the vintage components in my system. System by a wide margin if you do.

-- Al
my system, its because i enjoy more listening to music.
But for some friends, they say I'm crazy for spending that amount of $ for a hi end system. They rather spend their $ on hi end cars.
I guess to each his own.
I think the question should be "Does your stereo cost more than your home?" ;-/
Not to hijack this thread but I was sitting in my crappy 1983 Toyota Landcruiser listening to its crappy aftermarket tape player and wondered if tube/vinyl people have a car system.
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My car, but I wish it was the other way around. Over the years, had I known better I would have not brought so many cars but rather more serious hifi gear. And oh yes, better saved for the kids college education.

Waht's a car?

Oh, yeah...I keep mine in my living room.

Of course if I had a car, well, yeah, my system would cost more than it I'm pretty sure. I've had fancy autos and trucks... they depreciate faster than components and cost more to operate...

Boats are even worse!
System, but my car sounds terrible. The stereo system in the car sounds pretty bad too.

I am a tubes & vinyl guy but I have the cheap Pioneer equalized system which came with the car. That said, putting in a better system in a 2000 diesel-engined Mitsubishi Pajero would be only slight more useful than doing so in a 1983 Landcruiser.
System, at least 10X cost of my latest car [ a 1995, which I bought 5 years ago]. It was a $35000 car I bought for $6000; I use the same method in buying audio, older quality models, let someone else take the initial hit.
My system costs more... But I am not into cars, I have always felt they are the worst "investment" you can make... they cost a lot and lose value no matter what. I always got my kicks out of extreme skiing, mountain biking etc.
hmmmmm, well one of the cars has had so many modifications that the cost of it new in 2007 then all of the mods is much higher than my stereo, but that's a toy (sickness) similar to audio. We also bought a new car in 2009 that was more than the stereo, but we do have a POS 2002 Ford Expedition that the wife won't get rid of since she says the kids would just trash a new car, and they would, like they do the Expedition.

So I'm firmly in the minority with "Cars" as my answer.
My car cost more.

Its a great late model car but I like my audio system more.

Plus, I have never had a maintenance issue with my audio systems over the years upon years upon years!
my cars COST cost more (2000 Jag S-Type, and 2002 BMW 530i), but at this point my system is worth much more.
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"..i hate cars."

+1 and that goes double for truck-based vehicles.

My system is as modest as my lifestyle, and my lifestyle is fine with a bicycle to get around. Where I now live many feel their lives are wanting unless they can sit up high in a big, noisy, loud truck. Having lived in L.A. and Atlanta in my younger years, I learned to hate motor vehicles, traffic, and breathing foul air.
I guess mine is about the same as our Landcruiser but still a lot less than my wife's solitaire diamond ring.

Guys - make sure you have your priorities right and look after your lady.

Cars and Stereos are just things...they are utterly irrelevant compared to the people in our lives.
agree with shadorne

People are like music, they make life all it can be and take you places while their here. when they gone, like when the music's over, all we have is the memories and our toys will not replace them.
Retail for retail, my car by a healthy margin. 2003 BMW 540i. But used for used, my stereo might edge it out.

I didn't know what I was thinking, but I enjoy the music more so it's ok and I'm happy. I listen to my stereo more than I drive my car.

Ayre KX-R, Spectron Musician III Mk2 Monoblocks (all upgrades), Nola Micro Grand Ref., Aqvox DAC, Metric Halo LIO-8, Sony 5400es, Mac Pro and Mac Mini music server.

My system vs 2003 yukon denali--system wins retail cost but audiogon price yukon wins;my entire system except a intregra
dhc 9.9 audiogon bought.
good question.. System is more expensive ,than main car probably by 30-34times. Thats only iron brick anyway to take me from A to B. I could spend more on car probbaly but with increasing price I didnt get neither faster time from A to B (it mostly depends on driving skills not car performance) neither significant comfort and isolation from outside noises inside car(probable 2-3db)
System, and it gets better mileage. Also, car is way too small to haul the system
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It's like being in the band every night. It's much better than any drug, maybe more expensive and more addicting, but much better.

My system is worth more than the family car. If we add in media, and allow for the huge real estate correction in my neck of the woods, it's approaching the value of the house.
I just retubed my amp. That cost more than my car is worth. I really don't care about cars anymore. Living in L.A. your car gets stolen, vandalized or some Idiot without insurance plows into you. (Just happened to my wife last month)
My system cost about the same as both of our cars - Mine Jaguar XJR - Hers Lexus RX 330.
I bought both cars used/pre/owned (2004 models) about 4 years ago with DVD & navigation for about $70K.
I bought almost all of my system here on the gon, also pre-owned for close to the same price as both cars.
My wife loves her car & I rally love mine as well, but my system is something much more special than any car as it took much more planning & thought to put together than buying any car.
I doubt that my wife really knows what I have invested in my 2 channel system & that works for me.
She has all she needs upstairs in the home theatre & in the garage & that's what really matters most.
Remember to keep the better half happy & you'll be very happy as well.