Which Cord OVER Python For Original Hydra ?

Anyone have experience with other Shunyata cords for this ?
I considered: King Cobra V-1, Anaconda VX and Anaconda Alpha.
I realize they need to be outfitted with the nema twistlock, so this makes auditioning nearly impossible.
Any feedback from the field appreciated.
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I used the Andaconna VX with the twist lock on the original Hydra.
It was very good but not everything sounded as good. My tube analog preamp sounded better not plugged into the Hydra.The VX is strickly digital.

The Anaconna Alpha is great on the Hydra 2 with Power Amps and tube Preamps.
I had a Python VX for a while and did not like it.(But it was not plugged into the original Hydra.).

So I guess it depends on what you plug into the original Hydra. Primarily digital the Anacondona-VX primarily analog the Alpha
I use both the original Hydra and Hydra-8, and I really preferred the Elrod pcs (either Signature-3 or Statement) versus the Python.
No Hydra owners ? Looks like i'm alone here !
Adding an anaconda (not the VX) drops the sound floor of a system substantially but also you will loose some dynamics (very little but if you a/b the to cables you might notice it). Either way, it is a big upgrade.
Actually guys, I have everything plugged into the Hydra.
Mono amps with Mojaves, tube preamp, tube Dac and transport all fitted with King Cobra V-1's.
I was told by a dealer that the Anaconda Alpha *no FSE*
is the one to use on the Hydra.
The Python *has FSE* and was considered the best cord for use on the Hydra (above the Sidewinder and Mojave at the time)
So that's why I'm trying to figure out whether the Alpha series or VX series should be better suited for my main feed in on the Hydra.
Thanks so far.
Hello Rx8Man,

I have the Ana-Alpha on my original Hydra and think that it helped the attack, timing and detail quite a bit over the original Hydra PC (sorry, I never did have a Python on it).

Based on some of my own experiments, the Alpha seems to help out the non-digital (or not-too-bright SS) equipment better than the Vx version of the cord. However, in my case, I did find that the Hydra itself seemed to provide a bit of dulling to my SS amp. As a result, I am now using an Ana-Alpha on my amp directly to the wall. However, the Ana-Alpha to the Hydra really seemed to help out my CDP and Pre-amp.

I hope this helps. Jerry
Anyone care to loan me (yeah, right !) an Anaconda Alpha and or Anaconda VX for my original Hydra so I can put this dilemma to rest ?
I'd be willing to pay shipping both ways and a lender fee !
I found the Elrod EPS-3 to be a huge improvement over the Python for the original Hydra. Good luck.