Which components to connect to Audio Magic Stealth

I'm planning to get 1 or 2 Audio Magic Stealth for my A/V system. My amps for the front channels (ML 33H's and ML 434) are located at the front will get their power from dedicated lines. All the other equipment A/V processor, sources are at the side, fed by separate power lines. My question is: if I get 1 Stealth, where should I use it? for the amps at the front or for the other components? Which components benefit most from the Stealth? The only thing that worries me a little is to connect all 3 amps to one Stealth and feed such power hungry equipment from one receptacle.

Any thoughts??
I would use it on your low level equipment first. I have my amp plugged into it, and it doesn't seem to restrict current (Threshold T400-150 wpc Class A), but you have more amp power than I do. I use one and have my 'analog' equipment (turntable, amp, preamp) plugged into it. I'm considering getting another for the digital side.

dear murat,
bence front end leri stealth e,amplileri gotunuze sokun,
Anyone else?
I have an SACD player, pre, and amp (300 watt SS) into the Stealth. Everything sounds better into the Stealth. I liked the amp into the Stealth better than just to the outlet. I am replacing my 300 watt amp with a 600 watt SS amp tomorrow. I may have to move that amp to a seperate outlet if all those components are to much for one outlet.