Which components are "stupid good"?

Which components, known to be outstanding in their category, have a performance to price differential such that they can truly be called "stupid good?"
Used Apogee speakers. They may be a 20 year old design but they will still compete with cutting edge speakers of today with a little tender loving care.
I already mentioned a couple and agree with de Havilland Ultraverve preamp; but forget to mention Tekton Uruz speakers, if you listen to lighter fare,... acoustical, jazz, early music, & vocalists, etc. For the 1st 6 months I had to ask myself; "they can't be this good for the money, am I fooling myself?" Simply excellent with the lighter side!
W4S DAC2. For the money,or regardless, its crazy good.

Wyetech Opal Pre - Stands the test of time. Timeless performance. Wirth 2x price +.