Which component video cable should I buy?

Yes, I guess I'm probably the last dude on earth still using component cables for my HDTV(going from my cable box to the TV). Looking for a nice set of component video cables that would provide improved picture quality over my current inexpensive set of Monoprice component cables, which are from 10 or more years ago.

I did run a search here, and all the threads that came up seemed to be from 2005 to 2007, so that is bit outdated. My budget for these would be ~$100 or so. Should I just go with Audioquest or Wireworld, or are there better products or better values out there?
fwiw I use component cables made by Signalcable and they were a big improvement over stock cables
ZU is very good and not expensive.
You can always buy 3 separate 75ohm digital IC's if you happen to come across a good deal. Also, a while back, Cable Company told me that Monster made the best low cost video cables. They used the term "miracle products". I never tried them myself, but I trust their judgment.
Have a TARA Labs RSC component Video Cable on Consignment form a Customer - make me an offer :-) they are probably 1.5 - 2M long

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Back when composite video was the standard, my Signalcable composite was easily the best I used. True 75 ohm Canare connectors properly fitted is all the magic you need and the Signalcables did it right at a right price.
I used Tributaries S which was their best at the time, and still have them in 20 foot length. At that length they provided a great resolution and color accuracy. These would be available if you need a long set. If interested I could place an ad here for them. I also have a 2 m set of Analysis Plus that also were very good. Again I can place an ad if interested. I did replace Monster Cable with these and did gain in all areas of picture quality. I did have a set of Audioquest that I felt these both out performed as well. This isn't intended as an an ad as much as a suggestion for brands to look at.
The best component video cable I ever found and used extensively in 2 different HT systems was Audioquest's YIQ-5. They are outstanding; I had several and they were first rate. The ISF Engineer who did my video calibrations constantly praised them as well.

The post above noting that you could use 3 (matching!) 75-ohm digital cables for RGB purposes is spot-on. At one point I was using three Audioquest Eagle Eye cables while I waited for my 4th YIQ-5 to be made and arrive; the results were very impressive.....

YIQ5 should not break the bank if found on the used market.....
These are all you will ever need!

DH Labs great cable.
Thanks for all the tips!
Blue Jeans make a couple of very high quality component video cables.