Which  component should get the best power cable? I

Which  component should get the best power cable? I have an MIT Powerbar. Should my best cable connect it yourself the wall? The amp? Preamp?
I had a same issue. Suggest best cable be from wall to power bar but others may disagree.
I auditioned changing a SINGLE power cable from wall to an Ansuz8 D-level mains distro bar feeding a statement system (Raidho D5.1s thread by Ansuz D-TC cables throughout). I was skeptical at first about impact of power cables, but even to my cauliflower ears - just changing this one cable made a noticeable difference (for the money A-level cabs were ideal for me, but the D-level delivered the best sound overall). I have absolutely NO IDEA why changing this one cable (everything else the same) would, or even should, make a difference, but it did.
There is a thread you can read about this topic...it's here on cables topic...


your system synergy will dictate the best place (component) to change the stock power cord(PC). No doubt, you will get many different answers/opinions from the panel. Let your ears guide you!

It depends on your components. Start with the component that needs the most "help". For example, a mass market digital player is likely to need the most help.
From the wall to power conditioner or bar. Will impact all other components.

What if you don't use a power conditioner for your amps?
" What if you don't use a power conditioner for your amps?".

In most cases, power amps sound better plugged directly into the wall. However, a PC can be a nice upgrade, but I wouldn't go any further than that.
Which component should get the best power cable?
Logical component is wall to power distributor/conditioner but it depends if PC is high current or low current.

From my experience, high current is up stream (wall to distributor or amp) and low current is down stream (pre or dac).