Which Component Needs to be Upgraded First

I need your help. I am looking to upgrade a component in my system. My question is which of the components is the weakest link and should be the first to upgrade. source: Sony 333es SACD, Pre-Amp hand built by Veda Audio - Dyna Hi Kevin Gilmore design, B&K ST 140 amp, Talon Audio Khorous-X speakers (the speakers are not going to be considered for upgrading. Thanks for your wisdom.
I would recommend that you upgrade the source first, the Sony 333es.

I thought you were going to say the B&K was a good entry level amp in its day, and that it was my weakest link. Do you feel that there would be noticeable improvement in sound with a newer moderately priced CD (source)upgrade? If so, is there a good bang for the buck model you recommend?
How about just purchasing a benchmark DAC and using the Sony CD player as a transport?
The amp and cd are the weaker links. That being said I would use Gunting's advice and get a good Dac and replace your player as needed.
The rest of your components can't make up for a poor source.
GBI,GBO just like a computer
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IMHO, and at the risk of telling you something you already know, once you've reached your level of components, and especially since your're not considering a speaker upgrade (and I'm not suggesting that you should consider it), the only way to tell is to demo a piece--source, amp, or otherwise--in your home w/ your equipment. Beware of assuming that a newer, more expensive component will give you an upgrade in sound.
Cables, always upgrade your cables first.
Nice speakers. I owned the B&K st-140, you could do much better.
I reccomend you get power straight first,cond,cables,ect.Every other thing after that.imho.
I must admit that I am not a firm believer that significant differences can be achieved via the "right" cables, power cords, and power supplies. It seems like most folks responding to this post suggest upgrading source and amp first. I have taken the first step, and added a DAC right behind the Sony SACD 333ES player. My impression is that that the music improved in clarity and crispness, particularly in bass and mid range representation. I will look around on the Audiogon boards for a good amp deal. Thanks to all for taking the time to help me.
In the bigger scheme of things cables make marginal improvements.Place a high priority on the source.
I owned the ST140 some 15 -20 years ago. I owned the Khorus speakers about 5 years ago. You need a better amp - pure and simple. Updating your source to a better dac would also be a must.

No mention of how much money you have? You can get an awesome DAC today very little money. I think you can do both instead of paying what you might be considering for one.

Get an Oritek Audio modified Zhaolu D2.5 dac for $599 new. It is an absolute giant killer. You can use your Sony for a transport. This DAC is amazing and outperforms dacs cost up to 10X more! You can also sell the Sony and use an Oppo for a transport.

For the amp I would stick with a nice SS or Hybrid amp to control the bass on those X speakers. I own an ART Audio SLA2 that costs only $285 new and it will smoke the once wonderful ST140. This is 200 watts per channel. I can share more if you are interested.

Your speakers can use more midrange and the Monarchy SE160 mono amps would be great for some $1200 or so used. A used Belles Ref 150 ($1400) is also a great amp with better high and bass then the Monarchy. The Monarchy wins out out for mids and wonderful warmth.

I think it gos a little beyond a simple cable upgrade,a decent conditioner can do much more for a system than a next up cd player or amp.Having that right youll hear just how good that gear is or isnt.I used to say that it was money that could be used better.The building blocks to start with got to be there.Thats my veiw like everybody elses two cents.goodluck
I have found conditioners to degrade sound and limit current/dynamics. I would have to say spend that money on direct 20 amp lines to your room before a line conditioner.
Also get a decent power cord.

I know many differ on opinions of power conditioners, so this is just my experience.
An Environmental Potentials EP-2050 AC filter/surge suppressor installed at your service panel will clean the AC to your entire house, and it will not limit current or dynamics.

At $500 (plus about $150 installation) it's also less expensive than the majority of audiophile power conditioners.
Most interesting. I will check this out. Never seen this before?
Environmental Potentials EP-2050.
Grannyring, you are so right. Ironically, I put a Zhaolu DAC behind the Sony CDP. I learned about it from Head-Fi.org, another favorite site of mine. Wow, that is so cool that you also owned the B&K ST-140 and the Talon Khorous X speakers. Mike Farnsworth of Talon Audio took care of me and re-did the cross-over network on the speakers. I was sorry to hear that he had trouble with his business and sold. I will follow the broads for the Monarchy amps. What makes them so special when mated with the Talon's? I find the Talons to be heavy on bass and mid-bass. You didn't find that to be the case? I thank you for your insight.
They are heavy on the bass as your amp is slow and not controling the woofers in your speaker. A Belles Ref 150 amp will take care of that while the Monarchy amps not as much. The SE160's will control the bass far better then your ST140 however.

I did find a little midrange suckout in the Khorus speaker that the Monarchy amp match well with as the amps have a rich and wonderful midrange.

What is more important to you - better bass control or more midrange presence and treble smoothness. The Belles is also smooth on top and more transparent than the Monarchy. I just think the Monarchy amps have a wonderful tube amp sound without the hassle of numerous large output tubes.

Both amps are great, but your sonic goals are most important.
Hey guys,my question is sort of on topic.Anyone had any experience with isolation transformers and their application at the source (CD/DAC)Comments,opinions?
I have used several BPT power conditioners on my digital front end only with good results. Deeper bass, took out some of what we call digital glare or hardness, smooth highs and improved stage size.

I now use a battery powered CD player so I sold my BPT.
Tvad, I have been reading the site info as well as posts on this unit and I am going to buy one for my house.

Two questions

Has it improved your sound in any way?

Seems this unit will clean ac and surge protect everything electronic in the home. My bedroom TV etc...........

My power seems clean with the EP-2050. I cannot say I had an "A-Ha!" moment after it was installed, but I'm comfortable knowing there's real science and engineering behind the product, and that it's protecting and filtering the power throughout my home.

Another user utilizes the EP-2450 Home Theater unit in addition to the EP-2050 and likes the results. I remember being told by Doug Joseph at Environmental Potentials that this was the next step if I wanted additional filtration at the system level.

I presently use an Alan Maher Reference Power Center V2 with the components, but frankly I do it more because the RPC V2 has eight outlets that I find useful. I could easily live without the additional filter unit.