Which Classical Recording is Best?

I would like to buy a vinyl record of beethoven, bach,or mozart performed recently by london symphony. Which would you recomend I buy for a first listenig encounter. A little history, I like ELP, ELO, and Jethro Tull!!!!!
Thank You from Mario
The recent LSO Beethoven series with Haitink is quite fine but my LSO favorites do not include Beethoven, Mozart and certainly not Bach.

I didn't know that any Symphony Orchestra, anywhere, let alone London, was recording anything on vinyl. Am I missing something I should be paying attention to?
I am a professional symphonic musician, and I would be very interested to hear if any orchestras out there are releasing new recordings on vinyl. To my knowledge, this is not happening anywhere. Many orchestras are releasing recordings that are self-produced, to save costs, and releasing things only in the local markets, but to my knowledge these are all on CD. I will check into it myself as well, but if anyone knows of such a thing happening, please post!
Well that is too bad that there is nothing being laid out on vinyl. I'm surprised. I guess I'm just a greenhorn to this hobby. I will just have to try and find the latest versions of beethoven so I was told by a coworker. So thank You for the info, all the best from Mario.
Ah. I missed the word vinyl but, as others have pointed out, there is no new classical vinyl nor has there been for many years.

There are, however, many new and excellent recordings on multichannel SACDs and those are what I referred to in my other post.

Hi, If you like ELO, ELP and Jethro Tull, you should check out Vivaldi- The Four Seasons as it has an almost rock like nature. The lead violin always remind me of lead guitar the way they are done.I have a Vanguard stereolab -BGS 5001 that I believe is from the late 50's, conducted by Antonio Janigro with Jan Tomasow on "lead" violin that sounds very dynamic, it was an easy switch from rock to this record. Check out some of the used record stores in your area and see what you can find. Good Luck
"Hi, If you like ELO, ELP and Jethro Tull, you should check out Vivaldi- The Four Seasons as it has an almost rock like nature. "

If you say so. I don't hear it.

ELP had many adaptions of classical music to Rock. That is their genious.

"Pictures of an Exhibition" is an awesome rendition of Russian composers Mussorgsky's piece. I have a few versions of this and love Mussorgsky and Keith Emersons version. Very heavy and dark.

Fan Fare for the Common Man is and Arron Copland piece.

ELP is real classic(al) rock
Hmmm..., There is a tiny bit of new classical vinyl being released. Tacet has been releasing some very good orchestral and chamber recordings; the Beethoven symphony series with Wojcech Rajski conducting the Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra is well worth hearing. Classic Records has been doing a small series with Pavel Kogan and the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra. Fone has been releasing some new classical recordings on vinyl in limited quantity.

" there is no new classical vinyl nor has there been for many years."

My advice is to hit the used record stores. Firstly because there is virtually no new classical music released on vinyl. Secondly, even if there were, it probably wouldn't sound as good as the old records. Thirdly, used classical titles are usually quite cheap and you can buy as much as you can carry for under $50.
I've also found that used classical records tend to be in much better shape, on the average, than pop titles.
If you live out in the boonies, there's always Ebay. Caveat Emptor, however.


Thanks, Rushton, but the LP lines you mention are too limited and trivial to be relevant, especially since they (with the exception of Classic) are also releasing those on SACD. None of the LPs are multichannel. ;-)

Kal, thanks but you made an absolute statement which simply was not true. New classical recordings are in fact being made and released on vinyl; I'm enjoying a number of them, they are quite good, and I'm hoping to see more. I agree the numbers of titles are exceedingly few.

I do like your tongue in cheek observations that these LPs are not multchannel, however. :-)
I get your point, Rushton, and, technically, there are some. IMHO, they are inconsequential. (I don't think much of the Polish CPO's Beethoven and would rather listen to any one of more than a dozen others I have on LP, CD or SACD.)