Which Classe Amps?

I have a new home theater which will be used 30% for movies and 70% for music. I have four Thiel Powerpoints for the surrounds and a Martin Logan Theater center, with a pair of ML Odysseys for the Fronts.

I am considering a Classe CAV-150 for the 4 Thiels, with two channels bridged (it is a 6 channel amp) for the Theater center channel. I would then add a Classe CA-301 for the Odysseys.

What does everyone think? Will I have enough power or should I "bite the bullet" and go with a CAV-500, CA-401 combination? Is this extra power worth the cost?
Unless you have a really large room or like to listen at extraordinarily high levels, you should be fine with your first set of choices. Sounds like it will be a great system--I wish the powerpoints had been around when I did my theater--they would have worked extremely well in the small space I had available for surrounds.
I would suggest using a CAV-150 as you mentioned, with the (1) center channel bridged for 300wpc, and with the (4) surrounds at 150 wpc, and then using a pair of CA-150's for the (2) front channels, either bridged for 500 wpc, or bi-amped for 300 wpc. I just happen to have just placed my (2) CA-150's for sale... see Audiogon ad if your interested. This set up is just what I was planning to run, before WAF "Wife Acceptacne Factor" issues caused me to downsize my system.
Hi: I've owned the 301 and also listened to the CA 150 extensively. In my opinion, the 150 is far to weak for your Theils, which are not the most efficient speaker. I heard the 150 vs 500 on a home theatre system with ML Requests and the 150 couldn't handle it at all. Unless you are going to biamp everything, go with the CAV 500. I have heard that amp and it is wonderful on big speakers or inefficient speakers, lots of power and simalar sounding to CA 301. The 301 has got lots of power for any speaker, the 401 might be overkill, but if you've got the coin, why not.

Also, consider 2 CAV 500s in vertical biamp on everything, as this might be better than the 401/CAV 500 combo. You might also want to look at a pair of Theta Dreadnaughts 5 channels, as they are IMHO are even better than the Classe (Classe has more power and is slightly sweeter, whereas Dreadnaught is dead flat and very revealing of good (or bad) source. At $6K each the Dreadnaught are a good value and I would put them, the Classe CAV 500 and the new BAT 6200 on your short list. And then there's that new Jeff Roland 6 channel ...--Lorne
I count seven speakers in your system. Plus a sub I'm assuming? It just so happens I run Classe with Thiel in my H/T system, and I own a CA301 that I use to drive a pair of Thiel 3.6 speakers in my bedroom, those speakers are rated 400 watts @ 4 Ohms. The 301 gives them the business nicely.

Now let's talk H/T. I just picked up a CAV150 which I will use bridged to run 3 Thiel MCS1's in the front (L, R, C) That's good for 300 x 3 into 8 ohms. Doubles into 4 ohms. These particular speakers are 400watt four ohm 90-dB eff. And brother that's plenty of juice.

I guess you could bridge two channels for your rear's and run your sides at 150 watts per channel. That would account for all six channels on the CAV 150.

The 301 is a monster but I'm not exactly sure what your ML mains are rated for. I here ML's need a lot of juice. That's your call, but it would be a little hard to imagine those two amps not doing some serious ear damage when run together in that configuration. Worse case cinario is you add one more ca301 and by-wire the mains. Do you have a sturdy rack? I hope so. Also think about the CAM 350 monoblocks they have some zing. Anyway I'm rambling again good luck and let us know how it turns out.
Thanks to everyone so far. I think the 301 or 401 is clearly called for on the Odysseys. I just can't decide if the CAV-500 or CAV-150 is appropriate for the Powerpoints. I currently have the Powerpoints hooked up to my Yamaha 2095 Receiver and they reveal a nice soundstage at 25% power on the dial (110 WPC), so I think they are possibly a little more efficient than other speakers.

More thoughts, anyone?