Which Class D / gainclone for 1st row presence?

Which lively Class D / gainclone amps place the instruments in front of the speakers? (most do it behind the speaker). I have 93db 8Ohm DIY full range open baffle speakers that like a lot of current and I am looking for lively meaty warmth density with resolution and imaging in front of the speakers, very open sounding, slightly U-shaped for more bass and treble for low volume listening. Its all about the lively meaty first watt with great micro dynamics / rock solid timing. The weight of the amps should be under 25lbs in total and under 3k used. Source is a Chord Hugo. Amps considered so far:

TBI millenia MG3 class BD monos with high current LIFEPO4 Batteries
Clones Audio 55pm Gainclone monos
Abletec ALC 0300-1300 DIY Class D monos

Hot running alternatives:
Valvet E1r single ended class A SS 10W 8Ohm (bass?)
Firstwatt J2 (meat, warmth?)
Sophia Baby 10W tube amp (power?)
Almarro A205A mkII 5W SEP tube amp (power? resolution?)
Heed obelisk PM 70Watt Class AB monos

Whats your experience?
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When that happens I find it may have a lot to do with room acoustics. Not sure any amp alone is prone to that?
I've found that some speaker cables can move the image forward. On the other hand, some cables can move the image further back, creating more distance like a concert hall. And room treatments can play a part in location of the soundstage.

The Cable Company was able to recommend cables to meet my requirements.
I have listened to the J2 (didn't like) and the TBI. The TBI MG3 brought the sound stage closer to the front than any of the other amps I have had over the years. If you go with the TBI pair you might want to look into the Astron 11A linear power supply. I/we found the MG3 responded very well to them. There is some discussion over on Audio Circle, search Astron and you can get some info on them. Nice little supply without the maintenance of batteries. YMMV
I have the Abletec modules that you mention. I built it last summer. It is dubbed my summer amp. I also own a beautifully modified Pure Class A Sumo Nine... my winter amp. The Abletec is a fine sounding amplifier. Deep, tight bass, fast and smooth without giving up detail.
In my system, the Abletec brings the soundstage right up to the speakers and then drops deep and wide. With the Sumo, the soundstage is starts deeper.