Which Class D Amplifier? PS Audio, Ghent, Nord, Merrill or other???

I’m looking for a new amp & want Class D.

I’ve seen various brands mentioned, such as PS Audio, Ghent, Nord, Merrel to name a few, but I’ve not heard any of them.

Which company is producing the best sounding Class D?
Which models should I be looking to demo?


Technics SU-G30 has been around since spring 2016 according to the Technics website & contains GaN.


So looks like GaN has been around for a few years & at £2799 for the SU-G30 it seems to be already filtering down to the more affordable end.

Has anyone here heard one?

I have not listened to the Technics SU-G30 yet. By reading the product page, it is evident that this is a fairly complex device, and that GaN transistors are a small component of the overall design. It is outwawrdly not possible to draw definite conclusions as of the relative contribution of GaN to the performance of Technics SU-G30


Worth pointing out that GaN transistors are not particularly new. Prototypes have been demonstrated as early as 1993... That is some 25 years ago. GaN-based transistors have been commercially available in one incarnation or another since 2006. See:




Nor GaN are the exclusive domain of Niche companies: major semiconductors fabs, such as Panasonic Industrial Devices, offer Gan transistors and GaN-based assemblies:




Relatively novel is only the application of Gan to high end audio amplification. If more amplifier designers adopt GaN, The next couple years will tell if transistors based on some forms of GaN inherently correlate to class D modules and circuits that contribute to enhance the audible performance of power amplifiers beyond the current state of the art. Or if the advantage afforded by the application of this semiconductor technology is purely a theoretical one. The danger of overoptimistic disconnects was nicely expressed by Mr. Berra:


"In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is."

Yogi Berra

Regards, G.

Hello toetapaudio
What are your impressions about NAD, Gato, Nord and Mola Mola class D Amps?
Which ones did you like the most? 
Yes, personalities abound in these forum threads. And yes, folks have what one might call “signature statements” that amply showcase their strengths and faults. 

From what I can tell reading posts is that not a lot have actually personally heard this newer GaN-FET tech implemented into a class D audio amp design. So while the likes of AGD, Technics and Merrill might in principle sound terrific based upon this newer tech based upon the tech’s inherent theoretical advantages, they may also suck in real world implementation due to other designs flaws.

I’m not saying that they do suck and that the older MOS FET tech operating at lower switching frequencies are still king of the hill in class D land. But one ought to be careful in proclaiming one design implementation dead based upon merely theoretical considerations of a newer FET tech design. 
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