Which Class D Amplifier? PS Audio, Ghent, Nord, Merrill or other???

I’m looking for a new amp & want Class D.

I’ve seen various brands mentioned, such as PS Audio, Ghent, Nord, Merrel to name a few, but I’ve not heard any of them.

Which company is producing the best sounding Class D?
Which models should I be looking to demo?



It’s my understanding that there are currently 2 leading producers of high-speed GaN power transistors, EPC and GaN Systems.
Does anyone know if there are differences between the two of them and whether GaN Systems has a proprietary patent on their GaN FET transistor, too?

Are there other producers of currently available GaN transistors with unique patents?

Are there other producers of currently available high-speed GaN FET drivers besides Peregrine and their PE29102 driver?

I’m just trying to better understand the companies and products involved in these emerging markets.


Any good credible reviews out there yet where the author compared the sound of a leading GaN Class D amp to others?  Stereophile?  That would help take the GaN argument from a theoretical one to something verified.   The measurements would be interesting as well.


We are still doing our direct A/B testing with several different Class D amplifier brands that use different technology and I am certainly not a tech but the differences in sound between the different technologies is very audible. There are 4 amplifier manufactures that we have A/B that sound much better than other Class D manufactures we have tested. We are still testing and we still have a few more amplifiers to test but one thing for sure, Class D amplification comes in many different levels and the top level is very special. The problem might be, if you have not heard the very best of Class D, than the not so good Class D is not very good at all and this might turn you right off Class D.


Yes I have 3 Class D amps ranging in original retail price from $100 to $6000 and I can say with certainty each sounds good but different.

I’d specifically be wondering are you testing any Class D amps with the GaN technology? If so how does that compare to the others? Also the cost of each.

Noble100, both GaN Systems and EPC hold patents on the GaN transistor tech.