Which Class D Amp to Buy?

I am thinking of upgrading my Flying Mole DAD-M100 mono amps to something better (I love them but can't help thinking there must be something better than these over-achieving $400 amps), and am trying to decide between the new Flying Mole DAD-M310 monos and the Spectron Musician III SE (about double the price of a pair of DAD-M310s). I need to avoid tubes since the amp will also double as the front channel amp for my HT system and tubes would burn out too quickly in that application. Anyone listened to both? My system consists of a Zero One Mercury server, Supratek Chenin preamp, and Zu Druid/mini-method speakers. Any help is appreciated.
I heard a set of Nuforce monos on a wonderful wilson setup. I did not expect them to sound so good, and they were not too expensive.

What about the Trend TA 10?
Heard great things of NuForce, haven't heard the,m yet.

LOVE the new Bel Canto amps and highly recommend you listen to them ASAP.
I second the Bel Canto. I love my eVo2i, it just sounds right.
But has anyone heard the two I mentioned above?

I have the Musician III SE for almost two months now. IMO, this amp is hard to beat, even at three times its price. Lots of control and detail. Makes music sound very very real. It's hard to describe, but this amp just plays whatever is thrown at it with authority and finesse. The most neutral piece of gear I've had in my system. It is very sensitive to any changes in the system. For instance, now it's easy to hear what a power cable is doing or not doing. I change speaker cables and I can clearly hear which one is better.

I was deciding between the Bel Canto Ref.1000 and the Musician III SE. I heard the Bel Cantos at THE Show in NYC and thought they were doing a good job considering the room conditions. I decided to try the Musician first and this amp won't go anywhere anytime soon. My two-year search for an amp has finally ended with the Musician III SE.



I'm using the Channel Islands D200,s with Druids and mini methods,and Modwright pre. Good results very dynamic.
Why class D?
Why not - Which amp to buy?
I limited it to Class D because I am interested specifically in the two amps I listed above. I'd like to hear from someone with the DAD-M310s, if there is anyone hear who fits that decription.
Check out Hypex,their from the Netherlands,good luck,Bob
Does Hypex actually make amps or just amp modules? I see on their website that Channel Islands uses them, anyone else?
bel canto or flying mole