which CJ amp to go with ET5 ?

Hi Guys,
I am moving to ET5 from ET3SE due to balance requirement in my setup.

Earlier, my system was MAC mini driving HD3USB DAC , feeding ET3SE , connected to Classic 60 to my focal 1027BE.

Due to balance requirement, I upgraded to ET5.

Do you guys think that I have to upgrade my amp to optimize my chain ?

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which cables/power cords are you using?

Power Chord are Shunyata Copperhead , Carden Golden Reference.  I am using Cardas neutral Reference for IC.

They are all on dedicated circuit.
Many Thanks!  Happy Listening
I have never had a chance to demo the ET5.
I have heard the ET-3 and ET-3SE and really enjoyed the presentation.

How are you liking the ET5 ?
Did you demo the CT-6 preamp?
No, I have not demo CT6.