Which Cinepro is the real deal??

I was thinking of upgrading my Cinepro 3K6 III and found out that Eric Abraham has passed. I did some searching on the net and found 2 sites 1) cinepro.com and 2) cineprotheater.com. The first is out of NY and I understand that they bought the naming rights. The second is out of Smyrna, GA and claims that they own the old cinepro factory, engineers and plans and drawings but their equip looks different. Any info about these 2 companies? I don't want to send my amp to the wrong company? Thanks in advance for your responses. cb1
I would contact both and see which response seems more to your liking and needs.
Although I haven't talked to NY, I was in touch with Mike Powell of Verastarr in Smyrna, he has the inventory from the old Cinepro factory, and I would feel comfortable sending my amp there for any mods...I may do that myself....or you can wait 6 months or so and see what is left when the dust settles....good luck
It is my understanding that Mike Powell of VeraStarr/CineproTheater filed for trademark protection first under the name of "Cinepro". It is my further understanding that there is ongoing litigation between the 2 entities vying for use of the name. I also believe that the New York Company has conceded the use of the name Cinepro since they are actively marketing their products under the name of MICON AUDIO. There is an article in this month's (MAY, 2005) Home Theater Magazine and it is fully apparent that this company is now marketing itself and their products under the name MICON AUDIO. You have to ask yourself why this company would choose to abandon the well known name of CINEPRO in favor of MICON AUDIO. It appears that this company has recognized they will not be successful in retaining the trademark rights to the name of CINEPRO. This is the conclusion that I have drawn at present.

ALSO, I do not believe that MICON AUDIO services any CINEPRO products that require repair or upgrade whereas MIKE POWELL OF VERASTARR/CINEPROTHEATER handles repairs and upgrades of original CINEPRO products. I know this to be true as I have had my Cinepro Amp recently upgraded with MIKE POWELL. The upgrade was substantial and I was most satisfied with MIKE POWELL of VERASTARR/CINEPROTHEATER.
Hello Folks,
I am the only person who has signed documents from the Abraham family. I bought the Cinepro company and can prove it, not just talk about it. I also bought the original manufacturer of Cinepro in Northern CA, along with all the engineers and CAD drawings. I have posted some photos to the Cineprotheater site to prove this. I also have the PREDATOR amplifier parts. It does not take a genius to figure out who the real owner of Cinepro is. The reason our products look different is because we have improved the product for lower noise and better dynamics. We did this on purpose to show the public the other company is selling leftover parts, and does not actually design a thing !! The amps that look like the older stuff ARE in fact older stuff with new badges and rear plates. You can see Mark III serial numbers inside those units. We will never mislead the public, and only be true to what Eric started.
If anyone has questions feel free to call me personally @ 678-699-1159

Thanks for your continued support.

Mike Powell
The Darkstarr Group