Which Chip?

Hello All. Does anyone know which specific DAC chip Electrocompaniet currently uses in there EMC-1UP CD player?

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I realize this thread is old, but if stereo5 is still around, I have to ask - do you work for Oppo? If no, why would you spread this silly disinformation?

The EMC 1 UP CD player has nothing to do with that Chinese Oppo everybody's raving about. Before "you would say" you better think, because one word in this kind of forums can ruin a reputation of any brand. How an adult can be this irresponsible is beyond my understanding.
Well, Oppo does seem to act as a basic platform for many other operations, good/bad/indifferent.

I would be interested in learning more about the Electrocompaniet
Jafant, When the EMC1 UP was in production, OPPO didn't even exist. I can't even imagine on what stereo5 has based his/her assumption of the OPPO being the base of the EMC player.

As a dedicated player, it's simply one of the best. I owned it once, which, regretfully, I sold, but I got lucky to find a brand new unit, which I'm going to receive next week.
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By the way, you can turn the Oppo into an 8 Digital Out player as well, letting you use any choice of external DAC's with lots of options.
Since the player is based on the Oppo, I would say there is a good chance it is the ESS chip.

I'm not so sure, as the way the Oppo's are built, the entire output board is easily replaceable.  So for instance, it would be possible to do anything from
using balanced DAC outputs to digital only outputs a'la AudioPraise.



It uses the Cirrus Logic Cs4397 delta sigma dac, a Cirrus Logic CS8420 sample rate convertor, and a Philips transport.

Cheers George