Which cheese?

Everyone knows that Quads go best with Brie and of course the Bose presentation immediately suggests swiss. I'm wondering if any of our more astute audio-gastrophiles can provide other fitting combinations. Perhaps you have, at a party, discovered that Magnepan is ideal with a smoked gouda and Thiel is ideally mated with something sharper, say cheddar or a Stilton.
Don't hold back now. Share your discoveries. This may well prove to be the secret speaker selection formula we've all needed from the outset. Choose your favorite cheese and read on to find out which speaker you should select to complement it best. Wine is optional for me but I imagine it would be quite necessary for some of you. After all, this is a big decision.
Head cheese is great with Sennheiser phones. And when my son cranks up his Sony bookshelves, the rest of us reach for the Limberger.
to preserve a naturality of a sound i strongly recommend consuming an organic food especially during critical listening.
a consumption of seemen during an intercource may also fall into that category.
Hey, since you're a "jack" maybe you can tell us what goes with you! How about cottage cheese or Limburger with Bose? I prefer a cream cheese while listening to the news on my Nakamichi clock radio after I stop the alarm. A fine mozzarella pizza goes great with jazz.
Zu goes with me and Sonus Faber is perfect with a dollop of mascarpone. You must try gouda with the Karma Ceramique and few have ever complained about American prepackaged slices with their Polks. Von Schweickert skips the cheese altogether and mates up exquisitely with straight baloney. And if you must listen to that damn surround sound smother yourself in Velveeta.
Has anyone found a cheese that works with Totem or Vandersteen? Boston might work with string cheese. Any others?
you must have sharp teeth.
should we be on a lookout for speakers with bite marks on the cabinets?

I'm not letting you in to listen to my system. Or if I do, I'll make sure I have no cheese in the fridge. I don't won't my B&Ws eaten.
Earlier chap asked what speaker I go with since I am a jack.
B&W goes with cheshire, of course, all the way to the bank.
Triangle and Tau. It's a Spanish goat cheese. Best thing in the world. If you EVER come upon it, by as much as you can.