Which ceiling speakers to match Arcam AVR350 ?

Im currently using Musical Fidelity TriVista 300
integrated with Spendor S8e's. I just wired the house
for home automation and the installer convinced me to
add 7.1 surround. He cut out seven 8-inch holes in the ceiling for speakers. The Arcam AVR350 looks like an
ideal surround receiver for around $2200. Im not looking to spend a whole lot on the ceiling speakers because I'll still use the Spendor's for 2 channel music.
Right now Im leaning toward Definitive Technolgy UIW83. I already have a Hsu sub, and I dont want to spend more than $2000 on the 7 speakers. Any suggestions?
those are great ceiling speakers and a great value. I have put those in for friends several times, I don't think you will be sorry.
I dont have an Arcam but the B&W's sound great!
In that price range I would suggest the new Triad Conextion line. There are a couple of offerings at or near that price range. We are expecting this line to outperform as well as outsell all of our other lines combined this next year. Plus, Triad offers custom paint match at no charge from the factory. I'm sorry, but no painter can even touch the paint finish quality of factory paint.

Hope that helps.