Which CDR is the best for audio?

Which one sounds better, Taiyo Yuden or Mitsui Gold?
I heard that Infinity black sounds good too - but can't find them on the web - anyone know where to get them?
I've never been able to hear the difference between anything that actually plays. The only difference between cd-r brands which is obvious to me is in how long they last.
Why would you want to play disks with the CDROM? Just rip them to hard disk and play from memory. It's a computer, so you can use it this way. It is superior to CDROM playback.
You could find out more information on this topic than you ever wanted to know on audioasylum.com
Both brands are fine. Contrary to popular belief, however, CDR's do in fact sound different. Buy gold disks (such as the Mitsuis), and stay away from Memorex.
Mistui Gold is a lot better than Taiyo Yuden. I did some side by side comparing and it was plain than the Mitsuis are better. Also good with a little different flavor is Apogee Gold. Also something else to check out would be the new Mobile Fidelity Gold discs. Taiyo Yuden is tempting since they are so cheap, but if sound is what matters then go Mitsui

I have been able to get the Mitsuis from CDW, www.cdw.com. they are about $1.oo each.

I have done a lot of side by side comparing of bland CDRs and I think there is a big difference among them. I seriously dissagree with anyone who thinks they all sound the same
Couple things:

1) I find it extremely hard to believe the sonic differences between various CDR brands are detectable by most (or all) humans, if they even exist at all.

2) Hard disks are nice, but try playing that music anywhere other than home - CDRs are, obviously, portable.

My recommendation? Don't waste your time looking for the "best-sounding" CDR, find the best price on a good-quality product and spend your time listening to music.

You might also find information, probably lot of it, in the DATheads digest. Do a search and you'll find. The Dead tapers have discussed these topics (best CDR disks, best digital interface audio board, best CDR recorder, best microphones, best DAT recorders ad nauseam).
Thanks for all the posts - I will try the Mitsui for sure. They claim it will last for 300 year, so that's better than 2 year life period of some CDRs

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