Which CDP has more natural, highs

Hello, everyone.
I'm looking for CDP under $2000(Used). But I haven't heard many CDPs in the market. Which CDP has more natural, highs & clean sound? First time I heard NAD(have old NAD 5000 CD), it sounds very clean and natural. But now I hook it up with Meridian pre, Theta pro basic III, B&W Spk & Acurus amp, it sounds dull. All I can hear too much base and dull, dull and dull highs. Is this because something wrong with my system hook up or just CDP?
Please, recommend one or help me out here .
PS. I'm considering getting C.E.C CD player. If someone's listening to this, I will really appreciate your advice.
Thanks again.
I purchased a Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 used from this site. The price was under $2000. I have been very happy with the units performance. Seems best with female vocals and acoustic material, but still sounds better (to me) than many other players I listened to (in my system: the list: Proceed CDP, Rotel, Audio Research) I have seen SFCD-1 for about $1500 and I think there is one for sale currently. The unit does offer some flexibility in sound using tubes in the output stage. One down side is that the unit has no digital out. I have heard that Sonic Frontiers can install one if you wish.
Redland- Though a better CD player will always offer some level of improvement, it may be that your problem is elsewhere in your system. Speaker placement (toe-in and tilt), system cabling including power cords, and overly damped rooms can all effect the sonics of your system. As far as CD players in the sub 2K range used, I'd suggest the Cary 303. For a little more (< 2.5K used), the Electrocompaniet EMC-1 is truly outstanding. Goodluck with your search.