Which CD-R best for Audio?

I'ver understood that the quality of the CD-R is a limiting factor on the quality of the copy. So I would like to find out which brands or types are best? I heard some good things about Sony. That's all I know. Maybe a reference to a threat?
Fuji (Tayo Yuden) are best for everything, including audio.
I'll second the Taiyoyuden.
Both of the above are good. I've used Mitsui. The last batch I bought were labelled with a different name (they were recently purchased, but they use the same plants and technology).
I tried Mitsui's and they gave my Sony CDP fits for reading the TOC. About one out of 4 discs did. The black CD-R however seem to work much better - there are several brands of those and I almost never have problems with any of them. Does Mitsui make black CD-Rs? Arthur
I read that Fuji is now using a different manufacturer for their CD-Rs. I don't know if the ones now found on store shelves are from TY or not. Even before this you had to buy Fuji's that said made in Japan to be assured they were by TY. Here is the article


Roger S
Any mitsui is good, or only the gold?

The best for me so far is memorex black - noticeably better than imation.

ExactAudioCopy program gave best results at slowest speed burning - can be downloaded here for free!
All Mitsui (gold and silver)have their own chemical dye that is different from all other CDRs. All other CDRs use the same chemical dye (including the black ones). Good CDRs are made in good factories. Do a web search and you will find info on which factories are good and which brands they make. Some brands are made in multiple factories (good and bad), and some good factories make mutiple brands.
I have used Mitsui silver unbranded and have had no problems. I've burned hundreds of CD's. They aren't the cheapest out there.