Which CD/r are best for audio recording?

I remember a discussion about this in this forum but now can't find it. I am planning to copy my old vinyl to CD and would like suggestions of which manufacturer/type to get.
Try the Verbatim Super Azos. You can buy them in a special, "Digital Vinyl" edition, which mimics the appearance of an LP. I did an extensive test of numerous CD-Rs, and to me these sounded the best. The next-best option would be a high-quality black CD-R. Hope this helps. Good luck!
The industry standard (recommended to me by a friend who composes film scores) are Mitsui or Tiayo Yuden. These are sold in bulk packs of 100 (gold unlabled but printable) for about $1 apiece. They are 52x capable but most folks in the music business record at very slow speeds (like 4x.)
Beside, I'd be willing to bet real money that these same manufacturers produce the "Audiophile" products that are sold for premium prices under other brand names.

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I agree with Nsgarch and Mitsui gold, I use them to back up all my digital images.

I order from Media Supply. They have great customer service and $97.00 per 100.

Media Supply
Some Melody Black Diamond disks are great, and the Mitsui Gold professional and archive versions designed for low speed.