Which CD players have AES/EBU digi outs?

I'm afraid the Sp/DIF input on my Benchmark DAC has been permanently occupied by the output of my Phono 10. Still - would like to have a high quality digi feed into it for CD playback and figure a player with a AES/EBU digi output would work fine. TOSlink is already occupied.
I'm going to be looking for a used player - so would appreciate any info on which models offer this feature ?
Call benchmark. If you do not want to shell out for a new cd player they have an AES/EBU to RCA converter. I'm using one now. Fairly inexpensive and sounds great.
Just get an Intec HDMI 5 input component selector or something similar (Best Buy or any gaming store). The Intec version has four selectable (via remote) optical inputs that can be selected and sent to your single DAC1 input according to what source you want.
CAL CL-10 and perhaps others had it as an option. the CL-10 is perhaps the best sounding changer ever made (IMO< YMMV< etc.)
To be more specific to the question being asked, most bigger $$$ players or transports will have it. I cannot comment on the economy designed players as I am sure a few have it. I once had a Cambridge Audio DAC that had it and also had balanced outs to boot for an unheard of low price of a few hundred bucks, new if I remember right, it was long long ago.
Emm Labs CDSA-SE
Pro audio cd players! I have a Denon Dn-C680 with AES and S/PDIF digital outs (and balanced and unbalanced analog outs.) It is a very substantial broadcast deck that retails for c. $1,000, but if can often be found used for much less. (I payed $66 on ePay for mine.)
Jpinter - ya nailed it! UPS just delivered a EBU-SP/DIF adapter - works great.BTW -Benchmark folks were pleasant to deal with and follow thru on what they promise -nice product from nice folks.This probably saved me grand -since i was seriously considering trading my DAC-1 in on a DAC Pre.Thanks for all the other responses.
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