Which CD Players do not require a Pre Amp ?

Looking to try a player that has volume control so I can go direct to amp.
Resolution Audio I know is one and not sure if all the Wadia's have volume control. Plus I think the Wadia is out of my budget at this time.
Can you guy's give me others to consider and if you run direct which one you have preferred.
Ancient Audio Lektor V and Lektor Plus;
beyond those the Lektor Air and Lektor Grand SE, but you'd enter Wadia-like price regions there.
All of them have volume control in the analogue domain; they also feature tube output stages and Philips CD-Pro2 transports.

I have the Lektor V in my second system and think it's an impeccable machine with a "joyous" character if I had to describe it in one word, however, the Lektor Plus is undoubtedly better overall (only too expensive for that particular system).

Actually, quite a few earlier threads on this topic, check it out.
All of the Oppos have volume control. Just be aware that lowering the volumd cuts out bits from the output...

McIntosh MCD301 or MCD500. Another way to consider...a DAC with volume control.
Some of the Adcom players had that feature also, can't remember model #'s though.
There are some outstanding dacs with volume control....however, if you must step backward and get a cdp, then the EAR Acute is pretty nice.
Not the best IMO to go direct with a Wadia but Any wadia is a no brainer must have player