Which CD Players Are both Warm and Detailed

Looking for a single box CD Palyer that is both warm and detailed. Great for Jazz, clasical. Budget has got to be $2000 or under - New or Used. Your input very appreciated.
The Rega Jupiter at $1800 +/- new has such a reputation, never heard it though....
try a used Meridian 508/24 . Its in your price range and has definately both of your wishes covered. I own one and I think very highly of it for a single box player. Good luck
In that price range the resolution audio Cd-55 seems to be the unit of choice. Well if I were to buy a player in this price range it would be what I would go for that unit with out much thought. And it has an analog volume to boot! Great detail and warmth I think it would do you very well- try a search and see what you find. ~Tim
I agree with Thorman, Meridian 508.24 or 506.24. Basically the same, variations of a theme. Smooth, detailed, airy, fast, great voices and strings. This unit was made with jazz in mind!
Granite Audio 657 tube CD player is excellent. Retail $3,000 but I think with a bit of patience you can get it for around $2,000. You can contact me for more info on this.
Audio Meca Keops,Audio Aero Prima are also very good.
Having heard none of the other recommendations, I'll still make a strong pitch for the Sony XA777ES. Superb CD musicality (via 6 parallel DACs) with the best possible (IMO) SACD playback as a bonus, for $2000 new -- with a 5-year warranty -- from Oade Bros.
Your input is very appreciated.
The Sony SCD-1 performs this apparent paradoxical task quite well. I will also include the word 'smooth' along with warm and detailed.

You may be able to find a used SCD-1 for about $2000 or so. Or even the Sony 777es for about $1400 which is supposedly quite similar sonically to the SCD-1.

I tried a few players before settling on a Densen B-400, which seems to embody some of the qualities you seek, perhaps falling somewhere between the 'warm' and 'natural' camps. I continue to be impressed by it's sound. Densen's presence is minimal in the U.S., but fairly strong in Europe. I believe Audioasylum has a bit of discourse on this player, if you're inclined to investigate.
Try the Audio Analogue Maestro Mk.1; great for classical and jazz. There's one for sale on AudioGon now and in your price range.
Audio Aero Prima 24/192 .Smooth ,warm , detailed ,inviting.
Also try Audio Analogue Maestro,or Granite Audio.
All of these give great bang for the buck.
I would suggest a used Cary 303 CD player. They can be found on Audiogon for under $1500. It has a great combination of detail and warmness. You will hear everything without feeling a need to turn it down or turn it off. A great CD player. IMHO.
Used Wadia 830 might make you very happy.
Thank You All Very Much.
Any body... Would the Vecteur L-4 compare to the new AA Prima MK11, or is the Prima top dog under $2K?