Which CD Players?

I find myself listening to more CDs than vinyl. I am currently using a Cal Audio CL10 multi disk. I want to find a CDP that is similar/comparable to my table. My system is as follows: Cary SEI300, Well Tempered Turntable & Arm with a Vandehull Boron cartridage, ProAc 1SC speakers. I am partial to Cary but don't know or heared enough to choose between their SS or tube. Would appreciate your thoghts. Thanks Dave
If you like Cary and can't make up your mind , they make a nice one that has dual outputs - tube and SS ! It is switchable on the fly from the remote and sounds quite good too . Can't remember the model number .

Good luck .
As Saki said, they give you tube and SS in one box! It is called the 303/300. Check it out - many reviews online about it.

You don't indicate a price range, but if you're looking for something in the $1500 +/- range, check out the Raysonic 128. Well built and tunable by tube selection. Got a good review in 6moons. Their only, possibly negative, comment was it was full in the bass, not bright and not as transparent as the reviewers reference. That issue is resolved by simply changing the tubes! Those traits are more the result of using EH tubes than the unit itself, IMHO.
Hello Dave,
I run a Cary solid state CD-308 in my system and I have been really happy with it. These can be had for 800~900 $US on the used market. I will say that I have not heard nor listened to any of the Cary tubed versions, they may be sweeter but also more $$$$$$$$$$$.

The Musical Fidelity A3.2 is a very nice SS cdp that is available on Agon for around $700...match it up with a MF Vx10 Tube Buffer and you got, the best of both worlds for around $1000 IMHO!

Call Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio and ask him. Nobody knows tubes better than he does and he has both new and used Carys referred to above. I have had a 308, a 306/200, a 303/300 and currently use a a Cary 306 SACD. I have not heard the Raysonic but I would find it very hard to believe that it would ouperform a preowned 306/200 (digital inputs!! and upsampling) let alone the new 303/300. Cary is a great company and I believe since you seem to enjoy your 300sei that the integration into your system of a Cary CD player to be an easy decision. The 306 SACD is PHENOMINAL!!!!! Good luck.