Which CD-player with Paradigm 40 and ATI 2505

Hi, this is my first post on the site. Im about to get
a new cd-player to replace my old Panasonic dvd-A110.
I have narrowed down to the Rega Planet 2000 and Arcam Diva cd-72. But non of the dealers will lend it for home testing. I have a Paradigm Studio 40 V2 and a ATI 2505 amp. With the A110 the sound is good and clear but a little to the bright side. I need a cd with a little on the warm side. Any advice will be usefull.
Since you own an ATI 2505 I'm assuming you're running everything through an HT pre/pro? What is the sonic character of this processor?

I own an ATI 1505, and at one time ran my CDP through it and the rest of my HT setup. My speakers are NHTs and the pre/pro is a Marantz. I can remember the sound being thin and a bit bright, and with powerful amps like the ATIs that's not something I wanted to amplify. I eventually abandoned all hope of getting what I wanted musically from a hybred setup and built a stand alone music system.

I haven't heard either the Rega or Arcam players you mention. But based on reviews and opinions I've read on Audiogon, I think by using a Rega Planet with your 40v2s you can get some decent 2-channel playback that won't be bright.

Good luck.
As a former 40v.2 owner, I can definitely atest to the fact that they can be a bit bright in the wrong system. I'd go with the Rega as it is slightly laid back...but very musical and rich sounding.

The 'Digms don't like silver cables, and love tube amplifiers...I didn't really enjoy them much until I bought my first VTL amp.
Also consider adding a tubed dac to your current dvd. I also had a bright side on my Sony 7700 dvd so I added a CAL Sigma II dac and it helped out considerably. Good luck.
Right now im using a Creek OBH-14 as a pre for music.
Im saving to get a new pre/pro soon. The Anthem AVM-20
is a contender.
A solid state amp/preamp is likely to highlight brightness no matter what CD player you use. If you don't like brightness you'll have to alter your amplification components probably.