Which CD player to buy, Sony, Meridian, Theta, or?

I am going to purchase a replacement CD player now, but, the used ones I would like, are not around to audition. I need your help.
I have an Audible Illusions Modulus A3 pre-amp
Bel Canto EVO2 amp
Celestion 11 speakers (will be upgrading these next year)

The CD players I have in mind are: Theta digital Miles, Sony xa7es, Meridian 508.24, and the California Audio Icon MKII HDCD version.

It would be best for me to choose the least most expensive player, but, I want the best for the money. I want the best for my money, as, I don't plan on upgrading for awhile, i'm going to buy new speakers next year (and another Bel Canto EVO2 amp so I can have a bridged pair)
Any help would be greatly appreciated..
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The Meridian bettered my Sony SCD-777ES CDP by a little but the Sony was cold right out of the box and the Meridian was being discontinued. I think a modded Sony will better the Meridian which is were I am heading for now. I liked the Meridian over the Theta Miles at that time also. It was my favorite player at that time.
Out of the players listed, the Meridian is a no brainer. It is still as good as most players today. It was well designed when it came out and it is still well designed in the face of newer competion that talks the talk but can't walk the walk.
I would strongly suggest a Theta Miles (but it must be the balanced version). I liked it better than the Sony SACD-1, but then again I have not heard the others mentioned.
I havn't heard the Theta Miles but the Meridian 508.24 will better the Sony and the Cal Audio. It is a wonderful cdp that gets just about everthing right.
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buy the new Theta COMPLI its awesome!!
Bigkidz if you will go for the sony mod, You will not
look back, make sure tell Dan if you go Modwright,
to add volume control,they shine with direct amp.
My 9000es signature reference mod,blew my friend
when he visited last week, He stayed 3hours instead of
just dropping by 30 minutes,I am familiar with the meridian
508.24 my friend use same speaker like mine,the sony
mod is more holographic, they have full rich sound, but
the sony is tube for my taste is not even close, Between
this three if you go for the mod, Ill take sony.If not
I will choose the meridian.IMHO.
I auditioned both of them in my system at the same time and the Meridian 508.24 was the big winner. It had much more detail, better dynamics, soundstage and was much easier to listen to for extended times. It also was twice as expensive as the Theta, so it should have sounded better. The Theta did sound good for the price (it was $2,000 at the time) and it had a volume control so you don't have to have a pre-amp, but that wouldn't affect you. I don't know what the prices for these 2 are now, but I would definitely go for the Meridian.
A Sony 9000es if you can find one will give the Meridian 508.24 a real battle right out the box (actually after 300 hrs break in) for a lot less money and as a bonus you get one of the finest dvd players ever made. This thing is built like a tank. With the Modwright mods you'll leave the Meridian in the dust!
Moonrat if you have the 9000es with volume control,
and the tube,this player is hard to beat especially
on the sacd,I think very few knows or heard,what a mod
9000es can do.I sometimes wonder,and think buying
onother SCD1 to send it to Dan again,to use it on
on my reference system, and the sony to my other
system.Even the consonance owner was speechless, when
He listen to my system,was totally impress.IMO,IMS