Which CD Player? Talk Electronics or Shigaraki?

Help me to pick the best player for my system. I have VTL MB 750's, Hovland HP100, Klipsch KLF 30's.

The 47 Labs transports vary widely from one unit to another.I know a digital designer who was using one to build his gear.He brought in several others,of the same model.Only one had the magic,he is frustrated.Even contacted 47 Labs with the serial number,to see if something had changed-no help.I was told that the units sound good,when they work.Maybe the open architecture.CES had many on static display last year ???
I'm on a $3,000 budget. I think the best money can be spent on a DAC. I have an optical output on my TASCAM CD player. Maybe a transport is not the most important thing to spend my money on? In other words should I spend all $3,000 on a DAC and get a transport later down the line? Any help appreciated.
The talk electronics thunder3.1b is pretty good.I own one which I changed a classe cdp10 for. It may be better than average seperates at that price point.
I use the Consonance CD-120 and am very pleased with it. I think you would find that it would be a good match with the rest of your components.
The Talk 3.1 is the best bang for the buck. I don't know anything that can beat it at that price point. To get anything better you would have to spend thousands more.