Which CD player??

I'm in need of a new CD player. I have a Unison Research Simply 8 valve amp and Living Voice speakers which I've been very happy with and am trying to match a CD player which handles acoustic classical and contemporary music in a warm intimate fashion.
I've just about settled on an Ayre C-5xe player and wondered if anyone has any other recommendations I should look at.
Problem is I've also discovered that amp technology has progressed just as far as digital player technology has and I'm now wondering whether I need a new pre-amp/amp set up to get the best out of the CD player!! The Ayre player sounds wonderful with the K-5xe pre-amp and V-5xe power amp!! Pleae don't anyone tell me I need new speakers as well!!
wow....sounds to me as you should sell some equipment and start over.....if you buy a cd player and you are not happy with your equipment, then you won't be happy. it sounds like you want to sell your system you now have which would be the longest but probably best solution, selling amp and speakers.....then look at bel canto digital amps and they have a player, new which has dac pre in it to match into amp and use the totem speakers, either the hawk or forest. then you have a latest updated system with new dac,amp,speakers....you can do that for what you are talking ayre...ayre is excellent equipment but you sound from the beginning that you want to change. if you buy a player.....with classical, get yourself a cary cd player , they are very reasonable and are very musical..
Ayre should be releasing the firmware upgrade for the C5xe which makes it sound much better. Make sure you get it if you're going with the Ayre.
Here is the info on the upgrade.
Ayre is pleased to announce the results of an intensive research program into the audible performance of various digital filters (including "non-oversampling" filterless designs). Extensive listening tests have shown that their new custom DSP-based "Minimum Phase" filters provide a significant leap forward in both musical naturalness and ease of listening. All of their current digital products use these filters, and upgrades are also available for all Ayre disc players still in production.

The resulting filter has no pre-echoes, and only about one cycle of post-ringing. This filter is implemented in the "Listen" position of the new Ayre MP disc players. The result is simply the most musically natural digital playback available today.

The cost of the upgrade is $200 for existing Ayre C5XE owners and is one of the most astonishing upgrades we have ever heard.

Please contact either store for more detailed information on this fantastic upgrade.
A few months ago I bought an EAD Ultradisc 2000. I liked the silver front match to my Rowland gear and decided to give it a try. At this point and after living with it a while, all I can say is that it is the second best high end bargain I've ever come across. The all-time best is the set of Dunlavy SC-5s I bought used a few years ago. These two items plus many others have taught me that ultra high-end can be done on a budget, and when it gets really close to the very best at a fraction of the cost, the satisfaction is all the more gratifying.
Try a Naim CDX2.
Their CD players go well with a valve amp.