Which CD player?

Cambridge Audio 640C, Rotel 1070, Music Hall CD-25?

Anyone know how much better, if any, the new 640C version 2 is than the original version. Version 1 can be had for much cheaper right now.

Thanks to all.
I have owned, at the same time, the ONIX XCD-88, which is the same as the Music Hall, the Rotel RCD 1072, which is the current version of the 1070 and the Original Rega Planet. For me it was the Planet for sound and for ergonomics, YMMV.
I've also owned both the Cambridge and a modded Cd-25 in my search for the most musical budget player out there. I ended up with the Njoe Tjoeb 4000 which IMHO is at least a step above in all respects for about the same price.
Look at the Rega Apollo. Hottest new technology that completely transforms redbook playback. You WON'T be disappointed!
By the way, I've owned both the Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 with upsampler, as well as the Rega Planet 2000. Neither one was even close to the quality of sound in the Apollo.
Of course the Apollo is a new player, only available for around $1000.00, a few used examples currently available for around $875.00. A used CD-25 costing around $300.00, about the same for an original Planet, the 2000 model going for around $550.00, or so, and a $1070 less than $450.00, so more practical Audiogon style advice for a given price point. Spend double, or triple, you will get better sound. Seems sensible to me. Maybe double up again and go for the new Cary, or double that and just keep going, you will eventually get to a really nice dcs system for about $25000.00. It should sound a bit better than the Music Hall.
Wow! I've a NJOE 4000 with upsampler and I'm perfectly happy with it.
Now I'm going to have to audition a Rega Apollo.
I just purchased the 640c v2.0 and it is a significantly better player than the original version. The two categories that stand out the most are: 1) a reduction in 'digititis", and 2) much improved bass resolution. I use PNF Audio speaker cables & ICs, VH pc into my Portal Audio Panache, XLO pc into my cdp, Polk LSi15 speakers, & cones under both amp & cdp. I would love to A/B this v2.0 player with Rega's new Apollo...