Which CD or SACD Player

Just received my new Aurum Cantus Leisure 3SE's and love them but I need to find a good CD or SACD player in the 1500 to 2500 range. And also, it is worth it to spend extra for the SACD? Thanks so much. Les

If you dont have any, or too much SACD:no.It is a dead format.
Get a Raysonic 168 (search here), add NOS cryoed tubes A(got mine from ATSI- tubeman) and forget about SACD. But if you want it get an Oppo. You can use it for videos too.
If you don't need the Raysonic 168's volume control, get a Raysonic 128. Mine has been a revelation. It replaced a $3K Sony SACD/CD player (I use a cheap Sony SACD player for single-layer SACDs, play the hybrids through the Raysonic). Good luck, Dave
SACD is definitely worth the extra outlay! But it depends if the music that you like is available on SACD. Most of the releases are classical and jazz, which is great for me but maybe not for you.

Head over to www.sa-cd.net ... that site lists every SACD ever released. If a large proportion of your music is available on SACD, then you should definitely invest in it.

For the record: I have found that SACD is a step above RBCD. More detail, better dynamics, less grain, more natural sounding. For $2.5k, I would be looking at a modified Sony player or a Marantz. Or you could try to find a secondhand Cary CD306 ... that's what I have.
Thanks and I do appreciate the input. I tend to be a detail freak on music so anything too overly warm i will not like as well. Thanks again