Which cartrige would you go with?

I recently sent my BAT vkp-5 back to the factory for BAT`s six pack upgrade, BAT say`s it will sound like a vkp-10 without the step up transformer. Anyway while waiting for it to come back I`ve been thinking of a new cartridge here`s my list of contenders ZYX 1000/ Lyra Helikon/ Shelter 901.This is my current rig VPI TNT JR/ SME 309/ BENZ Ruby H/ ZU cable xaus din to xlr/ vkp-5 with six pack upgrades. So which one would you put on it,any sugestions. David
You probably can't go wrong with any of those 3 choices. I also have a BAT VK-P5 w/ $1200 worth of mods from Great Northern Sound. I'd be interested in hearing your impressions on the six pack upgrade. I'm currently using a Helikon on my VPI HW-19 mk IV w/ SAMA table and JMW 10.5 arm. I also have the SDS. I'm very pleased with the sound of the Helikon, very detailed, yet non-fatiguing. I have heard the other cartridges, and they did sound very good also, but I haven't heard them in my system. Like I said before, I don't think you can make a bad choice out of these 3 cartridges.

I like the pics on your system. Looks great. Anyway, I've had a vkp5, then vkp10, now a vkp10se. The lyra cartridges are a great match. I've used the Lydian Beta and now a Helikon. I don't have experience with your other choices...

I didn't realize Great Northern Mod'ed bat gear. I've liked all 3 BAT phono stages I've had, however the p5 and p10se are the best for the money. You're not missing anything w/o the p10 stepup. It's best run direct. Do upgrade tubes, especially the middle two input tubes. Matching is critical...
I have looked at some of these cartridges lately. I have a Benz Glider, but I would like to upgrade. My choice when the time comes has been narrowed to the Shelter 901. The Lyra is really a top performer, but for the money the Shelter is a real steal. It offers most if not all the performance for less money.

That's just what I plan to do. I realize our TTs are different, but I don't know how much difference that would make in the recommmendation.
I've only heard the Shelter so the following is theoretical.

The Helikon has been called cool by some. The ZYX and Shelter receive nothing but lavish praise. People who've heard both in the same system say they're equally good with only very subtle differences. The 901 is far less costly, why pay more?

With little ability to audition cartridges at this level, the above argument is what led me to choose the 901. FWIW, we're immensely pleased. No temptation whatsoever to try anything different.
Jfrech I do plan to upgrade tube`s in it next with a new cartridge I was going to try a different phono stage, first calling BAT and they said I would notice a major differance.So the one thing that made me go with the upgrade was it is more cost effective. It would sonicly sound like the vkp-10 w/o the step up transformer. I didn`t want to run a .2mv cartridge anyway so it was a good fit I do know most people who have the vkp-10 are pleased. I am really interested in the ZYX but knowing the shelter is a great deal. The RUBY H is not bad by any means but I just want to try something different.
cylinderking, I bet your updgraded p5 sounds great, I meant my comment to mean more, skip the p10 either update your p5 or go p10se. I thought the p5 was the "steal" in the linup...the p10 further refines it and ditto for the p10se...mostly more detail, more quietness, bigger stage...the tonality didn't seem to change much for me as I stepped up. If the p5 update sounds like a p10, I wish I would have done that 2 yrs ago! Good luck