Which Cartridge / tonearm has the truest dynamics?

I have heard a lot about the London Decca Reference but nothing here on Audiogon. The Lyra Titan i and the XV-1s and the Air Tight are known for their dynamics. I am curious if anyone compared any of these or others and what their experiences where? The tonearm is critical in this so please give good details. Some of these cartridges in the wrong arm would sound slow or muddled.
If you want the world's best dynamics, bite the bullet and buy a vdH Colibri. And I hope to God you you have good eyes and steady hands!! It'll perform fine in an SME V or any fine gimbal tonearm (Triplanar) of medium effective mass.

I'm installing a London Jubilee this week for a friend. SME V arm, Goldmund TT. It too has oustanding dynamics, but it's a whole different animal as far as preamplification requirementsd go (puts out FIVE microvolts!)
The Decca Systems are a special Chapter based on their vibrations. Normally they should be used with a heavy Ikeda Arm, they are 'made' for each other. Probably with a Schroeder Arm, too, I also heard a friend, he tried one with a Kuzma Airline, probably here it was best. But it was a loaner System. Dynamics and musical Truth are something different, but when you want a sonic explosion, then I would try whatever cartridge with a Phantom B-44 Arm or a light cartridge with an AirLine Arm ( I listen with it via UNIverse and a Lyra Skala, and believe me, that IS fast)
Dear darren: Nothing comes close to the Ikeda 9REX. Take a look here:

Regards and enjoy the music.