Which cartridge should I keep?Which should I sell?

I have used 3 cartridges over the last 40 years and I am the original owner.They are:(1)Empire 1000ZE/X. Needs new stylus.
(2)Pickering XL-33U.I have two Pickering DTL-2S styli for this cartridge with all original packaging.
(3)ADC XLM MK III. I just bought a new,authentic ADC stylus for this and I'm having the cartridge mounted. I have been told the ADC is the best of these 3 cartridges. What do you think? Which is the best? Which should I sell? Which should I keep?
I would just listen to them and pick the one that sounds best.
Dear Sthinnes: I like the Zd542 advise. You have 3 diferent performances down there.

Maybe could exist an " advantage " in the Empire that because it needs a new stylus you can up grade it through SS re-tip.

Regards and enjoy the music,