Which Cartridge for Music Hall mmf 5.1 se?

I bought this Music hall table with Project Arm used with a grado gold already mounted. It has been a great year of getting back into vinyl. I acquire a lot of great, clean records for free or cheap at garage sales and occasionally splurge for hard to find classic rock titles at Amoeba in SF. Im looking to upgrade and have been reading a lot about the entry level Clearaudio Wood MM cart. Would this be a good match for my table and arm? What others should i consider? Sumiko Blue? Grado sonata?
Lyra Dorian - great cart
of the one's you've mentioned, the sonata will be the noticable improvement. i would however recommend the Audio Technica 150x....a proverbial giant killer.
I had a Grado Sonata and it had issues. I used it on a Rega P25 with lots of mods. Anyway, it hummed slightly - I understand there is a mod for that...and it may not do it on your table...also, it has a reputation for not tracking well in some arms. The real issue for me however, was that it had a grainy texture, and kind of a brown or tan coloration to the sound. I went to a Benz which was much more open, extended, clear, etc.
Dynavector 10X5 is a great cartridge and worth a look.
thanks for the suggestions... wish I could try them all and stick with the best one for my system.