Which cartridge for MMF-7

OK I need a new cartridge for my MMF-7. I think Ive narrowed it down to the following cartridges. Goldring Eroica (comes with the MMF-7), Grado Platinum, ot Clearaudio Audio Aurum Beta. These are in my budget. And they all have a 47k input which I need (Wright phono pre)
I know the Grado is warm. The Aurum Beta may be better. But are these cartridges a step up from the Goldring, a step down, or a step sideways?
I use a Grado Sonata and it's terrific.
Add the V15VxMR to your list. Works great on that table.
I use Sumiko Blackbird in my MMF 7 and the improvement over the Eroica is mindblowing. Highly recommended.
I have a Clearaudio cartridge on my table (Rega P3) and am very very happy with it.
Dynavector whatever level you can afford up until the karat. Other brands start to become competetive over $750 IMHO. Just an opinion.