Which cartridge for LP12/AKITO II/LINGO/Cirkus ?

Which cartridge for LP12/AKITO II/LINGO/Cirkus ?
My retailer is proposing me ADIKT
what about
Not enough info. We need to know if your preamp will take MM or MC. We also need to know how much you want to spend.
not more than 500 USD, my amp is cyrus 3 + PSX taht doesn't support MC
Thank you
Miguel, my guess is that the Adikt is merely a OEM version of the Goldring 1012GX MM cartridge, that is made for Linn with a slightly different appearance. The stylus and other key specs are the same between the two cartridges. It is a good cartridge, but I would also consider the high-output MC Dynavector 10x4 Mk2, which will work in your MM input, and probably sound alot nicer than the Linn/Goldring. It should cost well under $500 USD.