Which cartridge for Graham Slee Era Gold V?

Hi There...

Would love to hear what cartridges any of you have paired with the Graham Slee Era Gold V? I plan not to buy the elevator yet so was thinking either;

MC (High Output):
Dynavector 20XH

Ortofon 2m Black

Thoughts? This will be running through a Cambridge Audio 650A (to be upgraded shortly) and a Rega P3-24 w/ PSU.

Thanking you all in advance.
I have not tried the Dynavector carts but the 20XH and 10x5 should both work great.

I have used the Clearaudio Virtuoso wood with good results as well as a Denon DL160 and a Sumiko Blackbird. The blackbird was good but maybe a bit too smooth and I thought the Virtuoso was a bit more fun to listen to. The Denon would be somewhere in between and I understand that the DL110 is quite good as well.
Has anyone had any joy pairing the Grado Reference Platinum with a new Rega P3-24? Does the hum still exist? SOunds like a nice 'musical' cart that might work well with this setup.
When ihad my Graham Slee I used a DV20XH with it and the pairing was very good. Also used a Rega Exact with same results. Most HO MC cartridges will woork fine with the GC Era Gold.
I use a Lyra Titan-i on a VPI Super Scoutmaster Ref. rimdrive with the Graham Slee ERA Gold V and the Graham Slee Elevator with excellent results.