Which cart for thorens TD-160 w/TP16 tone arm?

As I said in the title, my table is a Thorens TD-160 with the original TP-16 tonearm. Both are in excellent condition. I am currently using a Grace F-8C cart that has recently developed a problem with the right channel going out at the end of every side. On one hand, I have a used sumiko blue point special EVO III that my buddy gave me after the stylus was damaged. I know I can have it re-tipped for about $400. I have also heard a lot of great buzz about the Grace F-9e as an excellent match for my table and they can be found for about the same price. Does anyone have any experience with these carts who might be able to guide me in the right direction?
The tp16 isn't a great arm. I think something like an Audio Technica AT95e will work well enough. Maybe an Ortofon 2M Red at the higher end of its limits.