Which Cardas cable is the warmest?

A question for Cardas interconnect users. I am currently using Cardas neutral reference between my dac and pre amp, as well as pre amp to amp. I am very happy with every aspect of sound ( detail, sound stage, timbre of instruments, highs and lows). However, the music still has a slight digital sound to it, ie; lack of mid bass, reverb and highs that are a bit too crisp. In other words, the analog sound is what I am attempting to simulate. What I am wondering is if Cardas golden reference, or Cardas golden cross would be a bit warmer? Hence getting me a little closer to analog.
I am completely happy and cannot afford to change my front end which consists of a CEC 5100 transport to a Genisis digital lens to a Parasound ultra dac 2000. The sound is close, I guess Im just looking for the warmest Cardas cable between the two. Thanks
Golden Cross is the warmest. The Golden Reference was an attempt to merge the best attributes of the Golden Cross and the Neutral Reference.
The older Golden Hexlink 5C is not a bad one either.
Above posts are correct... I think you'll be happier with Golden Cross over the Golden Reference or Neutral... I have almost all Golden Cross in one system and am using a Golden Ref. in just one place. I bought the Golden Ref. thinking it would outdo the Golden Cross but not necessarily so.
Why not get yourself a vintage pre with tone controls?
The Quadlink 5c (entry level) was as warm as all get out in my system when using them as a spkr cable.

Good luck!
I was using neutral reference ICs as well and was a little unhappy about the results. Switched to golden cross and haven't looked back.
Thanks for your advise, I have just purchased the golden cross. David
I used o sell Krell.My boss wouldn't carry them (one rep had him hypnotized) but I'd tell friends and customers I liked any Crdas was better than Tributaries,Monster,XLO,or MIT we had on shelf.Tames nasties better han just about anything out there.Good move on GC though I used 5C with a Krell FPB 300 and it was fine,
IMS I replaced The Golden Cross with The Golden Reference and I like them better. Much more detail in the mid range. But it also could be a combination of up grading my power chords from hex link to Golden Reference at the same time. Either way I didn't notice much difference in warmth between the two and i believe either cable would serve you well. When it comes to solid state gear either one of these cables will add a tubeyness to the sound imo.
I've owned almost all of Cardas' cables at some point. The Cardas Cross is their warmest sounding cable.