Which cables, power cords and conditioners.

Have you found in your own system to have
A/little or no difference
B/detracted from your system
C/improved your system

Yes different products work differently in certain systems.
My previous post was designed to provide some light banter.
However I am curious to find out what people like and dont like and of course let us know whether your system is tube or solid state. Thanks.
My answer has been b and c. Currently using Hydra, with Trans ref xl, Kimber Palladian, and Electraglide cords. It's a big step up for me...
I highly recommend you read already existing threads on this website. It will take you about a year to read them all.
I'll say C. Presently using Van Den Hul Mainsstream ac cable on my pre and power, and they are the quietist and most natural sounding ac cables I've tried/owned. Considering another when the $$'s allow...
System is solid state.
I just finished building one of my "projects". This is a device that will allow me to simultaneously view electrical waveforms, take voltage and dB measurements and actually listen to the differences in the filtering action of various PC's and PLC's.

I will now be able to actually chart and compare the filtration action and the susceptability to RFI of these devices using lab grade calibrated test equipment using one point of reference. As such, i may be able to present some type of "scientific evidence" that PLC's and PC's do make MEASURABLE and AUDIBLE differences. That is, when i finally get around to doing such tests. Please don't hold your breath though, as i'm pretty slow when it comes to this type of stuff. Just ask Ernie aka Subaruguru. He knows how long ago i started working on this device and it has been quite some time : )

Not only will this allow me to "weed out" PLC's and PC's that do nothing or are of limited use, i can further refine the designs that i and a few others had been working on. Quite honestly, i expect some "highly respected" AND "highly priced" products to fall on their faces. I've seen more than a few PC's that i already know to be nothing more than fancy heavy duty appliance cords with "high tech" connectors installed on them. I've also had one specific make / model of PLC that INCREASED the noise level when put into a system. As such, it is obvious that some of these are nothing more than over-priced, under-designed pieces of marketing hype while others do actually perform as claimed. As such, the results should be pretty interesting to say the least. Sean
C. I'm using Foundation Research LC-1 and LC-2 in-line power conditioners for each component.

I've notice better 3D soundstaging, lowered noise floor, and better sibilants to say the least.

My 2-channel system is solid state.

Hey Sean, great post, I can't wait to see what happens!
I am using ICs and speaker cables in silver, custom made power cords with copper and silver plated and API Ultra 114 power conditioner, SS CD player and tubes preamp and amp. The sound is awsome, very dynamic, big soundstage, transparent and very detail.
Kimber KCAG makes a big difference in clarity and detail especially in amp to preamp and preamp to cd !
I also forgot to mention one other aspect of "Power Cord / Power Line Conditioning" testing that i can do with this device. It can also hook into my computer and do real time spectral analysis. All i have to do is figure out how that damn program / software works : ) Sean