Which cables for McIntosh - B&W system?

I'm sure there are a lot of Mac and B&W owners over here. My set up will most likely be Mac 301-46-402 with B&W 802D or if the finances allow 301-500(solid state version)-501 with 802D. What cables should I use through out? Right now the only decent cables that I have is a pair of Shunyata Pythons PCs so one of the options is to go for a full Shunyata set up. The other ones that I'm considering are Kubala Sosna and possibly MIT. I need cables with open neutral sound (as the Mac/B&W D combo is allready perfectly balanced and not bright), great TIGHT bass, extended highs and huge soundstage. Cables that doctor the sound in some direction or another (like Nordost or Cardas for example) are not what I'm looking for. Synergistic Research (which I'm sure a lot of you guys will recommend) is sadly not available where I live and difficult to audition. Any ideas?
Why not wait till you buy the equipment,then ask for recommendations.Never mind,the cat is already out of the bag,disregard this post!!
I need cables with open neutral sound (as the Mac/B&W D combo is allready perfectly balanced and not bright), great TIGHT bass, extended highs and huge soundstage.
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Well matched electronics, and amplifiers well matched to speakers are responsible for this...not cables.
Tvad, what I'm saying is that this combo allready sounds right and it doesn't need doctoring the sound, just bringing out the most out if it.
I see.

Good luck on the hunt.
I have the B&Ws with Mac 501s---I have found Transparent to be my cables of choice after numerous comparisons
hi..try morrow's cable

you have 60 days to audition.
Djones1915, which Transparent models are you using and which B&W do you run with you 501's?
Disclaimer: I'm a dealer so you may want to take what I have to say with a grain of salt---

With that being said, I have been extremely impressed with the offerings from Chord. I just picked up the line and have been trying their Rumor4 cables with a pair of Joseph Audio Pulsars and Manley Labs Snappers/Jumbo Shrimp and I'm very impressed. This is a fairly inexpensive cable also. Going up the line, the Signature Series cable is very, very nice.
If Mac is tubes (cause they also make some decent Solid State stuff . . they're tubes sound better though ) I will recommend a look into a manufacturer called PSC (Pure Silver Connection) out of Aussieland they have a distributor in US I think in California.
Their cables are out of this world in terms of fluidity, accuracy, musicality, the there factor and the jump (dynamics)factor are all there, they sound absolutely natural but also incredible fast and detailed, kind of like the best Kimber silver stuff but with more speed and air.
Their R-70 and R100 for speakers and Custom for interconnects are simply AMAZING not cheap but worth every penny and then some . . look into them as with everything is a flavor/taste thing.
If you use Solid State try the Kimber Select silver cables expensive but close to perfect as you can get solid state to sound. . .
I had in my system Siltechs, Shunyatas, MIT, Kimbers, NBS, Nordost, Transparents, VDH, can can tell you with confidence that the best ones are PSC silver and Kimber Select Silver series. some of the others are pretty decent but not in the same league, not even the super expensive NBS, pretty decent just not worth all the hype.

Both Ray Kimber and Mark Mozgawa arrive to that final sound trough different avenues both using silver but different geometries and conductor shapes. simply amazing.
One of my systems (all tubed even tubed DAC) uses PSC cables (even the power cords silver) the other systems use Kimber, Nordost, Monster, other silver ribbons and others home brewed, nice stuff.

Enjoy the music! have fun!

Since I started this thread I tried Kubala Sosna (muddy and coloured) and Siltech (thin and cold with weak bass) cables. I firmly decided not to touch the silver cables again. The cheap MITs that I tried were pretty good though lacked the tonal richness. Right now I'm thinking about MIT Shotguns or Transparent Ultra MM2. What would be a better choice?

I think that if the cheap MIT you already tried works well enough, then you should probably try the MIT Shotguns. MIT has a lending library in their website if you would like to try them in your system.
How better are Shotguns compared to Terminators and is it essential to get the latest .3 versions?